Sunday, March 01, 2009

Anniversary gifts

A Nikon CoolPix S550 :

For those interested, technical details are available at

Card & Chocolates :

Am so in a state of bliss :-)

And this is my gift to K, not as expensive, but with a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm underlying it all, not to forget the effort !

Muffler :

Well ?


barnalisaha said...

Dear Gargi,

Your anniversary gifts are seeped in romance. K is lucky to have got such a beautiful and talented girl like you who, unlike others, can knit so well!! the muffler is obviously have put a lot of love into it. I wish you and your husband all the best as you continue your connubial journey.May the romance live forever..cheers to you and K!!

Clytemnestra said...

Cheers! The gifts compliment each-other very well. Knitting is by no means an easy task - tedious and monotonous - and the fact that you dedicatedly created a full-size muffler from scratch speaks volumes about your patience and devotion, not to say love and affection as well. I bet its the warmest muffler Jij's ever gonna wear! :)

Casuarina said...

@ Barnali : Thanku thanku girl...too moved to say too much :)

@ Clytemnestra : Thanku sweetheart...don't know what good deeds I must have done in past lives to get not only the nicest (and not in the ALal sense !) husband in the world but a darling of a friend like you too...I feel singularly blessed ! :)

Clytemnestra said...

You have me blushing now! :p

Suchismita said...

I am afraid I am one of those women who know nothing about knitting so I can't really say much about the muffler. It must be nice, though. What caught my attention was the camera and the link you've mentioned. It is a good camera and rated #1 among 10 megapixel class compacts with retractable zoom of 5x, but it also has "electronic" VR (vibration reduction). In spite of what Nikon claims, you have to be really careful because a lens or sensor based optical system is always more effective, as far as I know. But I do hope you'll take great pictures with this one and keep posting them up for us.

Happy Shooting then !!

Casuarina said...

@ Suchismita : Thanks...I simply have to admit, I'm hopelessly low on the techno-savvy ladder !

gul said...

awww.. u knitted the muffler yourself??! thas quite a task i blv.. wow! your husband's very lucky indeed :)



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