Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Utterly Butterly Disgusting

1) I'm getting the most idiotically irrelevant job responses possible from recruiting personnel who seem to think I'm either illiterate or bankrupt or have been fired from my last job.

2)I'm gonna miss Mitu's graduation fashion show on Wednesday, 18th Feb. One of the biggest events of her life.

3) My parents have forgotten I exist.

4) My friends, thanks to this time difference thing, have practically become reduced to abstract, virtual entities. I keep on dreading I'm missing out on all the happenings that matter in their lives. And some of them are newly married. Damn !

5) K seems to spend more time at office than at home. I feel more like a PA than a wife.

6) I need to lose 10 kg fast. I can't face that hideously plump creature in the mirror any more.

7) I miss Kolkata. Everything about it. Except the heat.

8) The 'What Not to Wear' show wasn't aired as usual on TLC at noon, nor at 1 pm. To think I practically ran home from the library to be in time to watch it. Oh, and the library was closed, today being 'President's Day'.

9)My camera battery gave out just as I was about to upload my newest set of captures to the laptop. Just the sort of thing that would happen to me.

10)I mixed up Moumita-Sabya Da's anniversary date and wished them today instead of yesterday. And to think I'd been so worked up about the occasion from the very beginning of this month.

Moral of Story : I should go drown myself.

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Clytemnestra said...

LOL & LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh! I empathise!


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