Monday, February 16, 2009

Somerville Photos

Armed with K's anniversary gift, a beautiful plum coloured Nikon Coolpix S550, I've been doing the rounds of the locality of Somerville, capturing memorabilia :

Please click on the photos to view their enlarged versions :

A Costume Shop on West Main Street :

An antiques shop on West Main Street :

Dunkin N Donuts : American counterpart of CCD

Alfonso's- the best local pizzeria, downtown Somerville :

Somerville Public Library :

Somerville Town Hall :

Somerset County Administrative Building :

First Reformist Church :

Methodist Church :

United Reformist Church, West Main Street :

Baptist Church :

Stained glass window panel on church tower :

Historic County Court House :

Senior Citizens' Housing :

An Interesting House Nearby:

West Main Street :

East Main Street :

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