Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Re : Shades of Sunset

I was aroused from my nap yesterday afternoon by a sudden change of weather, attested to by the wind quite literally howling and growling in my ears, especially since the surprisingly warm sunny weather had enticed me to leave the window up and the blinds undrawn. I got up, groggy-eyed, to close the window and put the blinds to, but the spectacular shades of sunset in the sky at that moment (almost exactly 5.15 pm) wouldn't allow me to remain in bed any longer.I practically ran to find my camera and capture the vivid flourishes of gold, pink, violet and blue that swept across the sky and left me trembling with an inexplicable ecstasy. K says that the colours are so bright and plentiful here because of the relatively nominal pollution. That makes me wish we could convince everyone back home to each do their daily bit to keep the environment clean and clear, if only for the sake of being blessed with such divine views. Here are a couple of photos. Please click on them to view enlarged versions.

Aren't they simple gorgeous ?

P.S. Here are the latest captures :

K had to re-route the car and stop abruptly for the latter, we're both glad we did (he, because it now seems totally worth it and me, because he looked pretty grim at that moment !)...

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Clytemnestra said...

Ooh! Gorgeous is an understatement!


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