Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Facebook Tag

Here's the latest in-thing doing the rounds on Facebook. I thought I'd share it with the non-Facebookeans too. Basically, someone sends you his or her list, tagging you in the process. You complete and publish yours, tagging 25 more victims, including the person who was (un)kind enough to forward this to you. But I have to admit, it makes for a great read. Not mine, silly. That of others. Sort of voyage of discovery.

Just for the record, Romila tagged me.


1) I love cleaning and sad music. They act as catharsis.

2) Water drives me crazy. I would willingly drown in a bathtub. I might have been a mermaid some time way back.

3) I’ve a thing for colours. Almost an obsession. Blue, green, purple, maroon are my favourites.

4) Maths helps me de-stress.

5) At various points, I wanted to be a lawyer, a doctor, an interior decorator, a pilot, a tour guide, an IPS officer, a fortune-teller, a librarian, a crime reporter, a politician, a poet, an author. Some of them I’ve given up, some I still toy with..

6) I believe in the supernatural. But I’m not scared of it. Death has always fascinated me. I don’t think I’ll be afraid to die.

7) One day, I’ll publish a book named ‘100 Ways to Make an Omelette’. I hope.

8) I hate waking up early in the morning. I’d rather stay up till 3 am.

9) I often hate my closest ones as much as I love them. There. I said it.

10) I miss sleeping in the sunshine on the JU bridge. Obviously I was supposed to be wide awake and in class at that time. I miss my tutorials with Tintin Da the most. I actually think I had fun.

11) I detest alcohol. In all forms. Even if I happen to say it’s ok to drink socially.

12) I read somewhere that my nature would permit me to murder, but not steal. I still wonder.

13) I always hated sharing everything with my sibling. Especially parents. Nowadays I wish I could share all I have with her.

14) I try not to be but I so am. Possessive about K.

15) My first ever crush was Ajay Jadeja. I even wrote a 37 page romantic novelette starring him and me. Man.

16) I criticize too much. Especially myself.

17) I need lots of space and solitude. The cellphone is a bane that way. There are days when I need to be just left alone.

18) I can’t write happy poems. Sadness inspires me.

19) To me, plagiarism, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, war-mongering and snobbery are crimes. When caught, the guilty should be hanged. Well, at least boycotted.

20) I need to learn diplomacy. But using tact somehow makes me feel like I’ve been lying.

21) No one has a best friend. I realized that recently. We only have friends. That too, if we’re lucky.

22) I’m afraid the Kolkata Metro automatic ticket checking gates won’t let me past some day. No particular reason. I might have an ‘I, Robot’ or ‘Eagle Eye’ hangover, perhaps.

23) I’m capable of watching most Bollywood productions. Good or bad. I even cry at most of the sad scenes. Oh, and the happy endings too. However clich├ęd they may be.

24) I want to create my own record of having read each and every work of Agatha Christie, Saki, Freud, Rabindranath Tagore, Hardy, P.G. Wodehouse, R. K. Narayan, Shirshendu. There should be some more names, I think, but can’t recall them right now.

25) I can’t be bothered to small talk or go out of my way to try and impress my intelligence on others. You have to draw me out. Lots of people consider me aloof. I think I’m just reserved.

Whewww. I'm weird.


gul said...

Hey Gargi! really liked reading your latest blog about 25 THINGS YOU NEEDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME!!

I can relate to almost 70% of the things... well, most of the stuff is what I thought was weird 'bout myself! haha..

I'd be waiting to read more from you!


Clytemnestra said...

Did the tag, check my blog :)

Casuarina said...

@ Gul : Well, what can I say except a big Thank You ?!

Clytemnestra said...

You know there are so many things I could relate to here.... for eg. I've already read all of Thomas Hardy's works, Yay!!!!! Others I think have been echoed in my post too. & I'm mighty impressed by #15! Did you mail it him or do we have a chance of laying our hands on it someday? ;)


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