Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pathbreaker: Sanjay Puri

Although physics-phobic, there's a particular branch of engineering I wish I had had the resolve to pursue. Architecture.

Even more so when I read of radicals like Sanjay Puri. The man, trained by Hafeez Contractor, has not only revolutionised the discipline in India but also won numerous awards, national and international for his landmark creations:

This chapel at Murcia, Spain has been stalled for paucity of funds but one hopes it shall be completed soon, given the unprecedented location, potential and visualisation:

The following is a photo of The Palmyra in Mauritius:

This design of a school in Rajasthan definitely catches one's attention. It's eye-catching, futuristic and eco-friendly:

The next picture shows the Terasa 153 building for a site in Montenegro, a tiny country in Europe:

Of course, what I personally look forward to is the completion of the chapel in Murcia. With a view like this from the chapel, even an atheist would turn into a believer.

 I sincerely hope many other budding architects take a cue from him and breathe new life into a discipline that  now occupies centrestage in an increasingly urbanised world...at least, we would have something to look forward to, even amidst a concrete jungle.

Here is a site where you'll find details and larger photos of the above projects:

For a list of awards, check out:


madhuchhanda ray choudhury said...

This was a lovely read. Thanks for sharing the pictures - they are breathtaking. I never knew about this architect - but now that I do I definitely want to learn more about his work. thanks again for the information :)

Casuarina said...

@ Madhuchhanda: You are most welcome. I'm always happy to share information and news that I feel, might positively affect others...what use are good things, if not shared ? :-)


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