Thursday, August 09, 2012

A poem I wrote...after a prolonged hiatus...


Did I think you were the answer to all my sorrows ?
I do.
Did I think you were the messiah of my tomorrows ?
I do. I do. I do.

I cradle you to the cross of my soul
A baby never to be.
My dreams beckon you into my sight
A river never to swim to sea.

And yet, despite you, I spite you
Because you were never my chosen.
I dare not wish for wisps of you
I myself have burnt and broken.

Will you ?

There are tears, there are fears
Bitter, battered years
As I mourn my own dead.

And yet I walk, how yet I talk
Scanning a senseless yoke
Legacy of a vampire undead.

Do you ?

Your touch is almost on my arm
A weapon of pain I cannot disarm
Your voice a tune I clutch in my palm
Your ghost the secret of my psalm.

And yet, before you ask me,
I must one day unmask me
And tell you the truth :
I do.


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