Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Delayed updates

I just noticed that I've made no posts in a long time. Well, I'm not happy about it...that's all I have to say.

Have been feeling really down of late...totally swamped in work, checking all these annual exam answer scripts...the same answers, with all sorts of ridiculous variations in spelling, logic and creativity (not meant to be taken constructively)...pain in all my joints...dreaming of white sheets with blue and red writing on them instead of human subjects...meals and sleep becoming a painful but necessary interruption in my dreary routine...you get the drift.

On top of that, I've had to apply for permission to take my Spanish language exams at a later date because I was 1) not prepared for the exams, what with all these annual scripts and 2) the 4-7 pm time slot being inconvenient as my school timing is 11.30-5.30 pm. I wanted to sit for the exams on the first set of dates like most of the other students (although a sizeable number would be appearing at a later date, along with me, thanks to end-sems at college) and basically do the right thing at the right time. Plus, in the meanwhile, if I get out of practice, I'd have to struggle on my own, not having my Spanish teacher to guide me :-(

On a brighter note, people at the first floor staffroom (where I shifted after the puja vacation) have been very warm and welcoming. Of course, I have known some of them for a while now, being an alumnus as well as having taught there on a leave vacancy in mid-2006, but there were a lot of new faces this time, too. We went to a senior teacher's house for a scrumptious lunch one day and after that, it seems like we're one big family. Don't know about the future but right now, I look forward to going to work each day, thanks to my colleagues. Not everyone can boast of that, I'm sure.

We watched 'Tintin' and 'Breaking Dawn'. Well, yes, I did manage to make time for them. The counter attendants at Fame, Hiland Park, looked blank when I enquired about the Twilight sequel about a fortnight before it was actually released in India (a week later than the world premiere, as far as I can recollect). Well, maybe I was more enthusiastic than others might have been but that doesn't speak much of their ignorance either.They need to be updated in their knowledge database, methinks. Anyway, I personally think 'Tintin' (3D) was good but not great, The 3D experience is overhyped in most cases. Th edges of the screen seemed black both with and without the specs and the close-ups of the characters made them look strange. I think the 2D print might not have made much of a difference. in terms of viewing pleasure. But yes, I simply loved the animation that accompanied the opening credits, haven't watched anything like it in a long long time. The film was a spectacle of sorts. Shall later try watching it on my parents' huge Smart TV...hope the 3D does show up better over there at least. As for 'Breaking Dawn' , I do think it's the best of the four Twilight films we've watched so far. I don't claim to know much about direction but I do understand that the ability to translate a bestseller book into an equally compelling film would require genius. That touch is definitely there in this film. The vampire-wolf story is there but takes a back seat to the miracle of love, an inexhaustible theme. Bella's make up artist deserves to receive all the awards that 'Alice in Wonderland' won. And I had been curious to find out how part I of 'Breaking Dawn' would end. It was brilliantly done. I've tons to say on this film, but I think it merits a post by itself. Amen to that.

We bought a few DVDs at a decent discounted rate last weekend from Starmark. We watched 'Doubt' and 'The Reader', bleary-eyed, into late night, but they were totally worth it. More on them in another post. Shall just give you a list of the other titles :

  • A collection, which apart from 'The Reader' contains 'Milk', 'Michael Clayton' and 'Babel'

  • 'The English Patient'

  • 'Seven'

  • 'Requiem for a Dream'

  • 'Saat Paake Bnadha'

Well, that's about it, for now. Hope to resurface soon. I do have a lot to say about 'Breaking Dawn' and the films we've been watching...oh, and quite a few observations relating to people and events in my totally non-filmi life, as well :-D

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Haddock said...

Agree with you on the 3D hype.
And then getting used to that additional specs (and when its in a regular theater, there is always the feat of m"who used it before me?)


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