Thursday, July 07, 2011

Along the Way

Sometimes it seems like there's no hope and life will never turn around.

For you and I have walked a long way together but we still forget our destination and stop at every crossroad, wondering which road to take.

I keep on cutting my feet on shards of glass mostly invisible to the eye, but glittering deceptively once in a while. They confuse me into believing that I may find a few stars strewn across my path, which will guide me to my home.

You throw away the flowers that I had once plucked for you, complaining that they are now withered and dead.

I wander about, looking for more, but the weather has changed. The season, actually.

We both get distracted and frequently lose our way, sometimes stopping to stare at the cactus along the bank or the dead dog on the roadside.

We meet, of course and continue walking together, but the horizon now seems distant and uncertain.

Unfamiliar faces begin to look familar, friends become strangers.

My feet hurt, but I continue walking.

And yes, I do look around for you, once in a while.


:-Dee said...

A very nice post and I like the metaphors you used and the choice of words and the way they fall in place together. Nice writing. Keep it going!! :)

dreamer said...

Oh this was such a lovely read .. I could so relate to it .. I loved all the imagery that came with it and absolutely loved the ending ..

shooting star said...

a relationship gone dead and still existing on the outside!!


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