Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nazis, each of us

The Jew's Song

My eyes still sting in shame

I fear to utter my name

Lest I be branded

Unsung and unhanded

Unmanned and unlanded

Just for being a Jew.

My history lies in ruins

My children sing no tunes

Lest I be taken away

Torn and turned astray

Battered into a block of clay

Just for being a Jew.

My breath chokes out of a chamber

A nightmare none shall dismember

Lest I be applauded

Mourned, mined and lauded

Divined and defrauded

Just for being a Jew.




Kaustav said...

Excellent !!

the silent observer said...

beautiful poem...have you watched Schindler's List? tht's another great movie..


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