Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back to Blogging

Well, yes, the BEd practical exams are over and now I have more than a month to prepare for the 600 marks' theory exams. So I'm back !

There's so much I should have been blogging about that I hardly know where to start.

For instance, India won the World Cup. I should have been studying but it was an impossible task, considering that the cheers or boos of the neighbourhood could hardly escape normal audibility. So I gave up the idea (I'm practical enough to know when something is impossible) and tuned in, with a packet of Lays. K went off midway through the match to join his friends at the Hazra Road Silver Oak (now renamed a bizarre 'Tandoori Nights', I hear). We kept on exchanging notes throughout the match and K went off to celebrate at Park Street after that win later that night, losing his voice in the extremes of celebration (it was an anticlimax that the endless traffic jams cut their celebrations short !).

Park Street after the World Cup victory

K and his friend Rajiv

MIL and I celebrated on a more quiet note, calling up friends and family to congratulate. Rashi was ecstatic on discovering that she had been born in the year India last won the World Cup and that her baby was to be born that year. The Telegraph made the most of the moment, even going so far as to interview parents whose children were delivered on the day of the momentous victory !

Recently we attended a birthday celebration of a friends' son. It was in the form of a river cruise. K bought me an amazing jewellery set that morning to impress the gravity of the occasion upon me (he's always terrified that I'll end up wearing pearls with every saree, however respectable). The cruise was mostly a monotonous event except that 2 and a half year old Nemo did complete justice to his age by wetting his shorts even after two consecutive trips to the toilet and two of the hostess's colleagues contributed to the climactic event of the evening by throwing up all over the place (and a nattily dressed elderly gentleman's attire) after a biriyani dinner. Later, we discovered that they had smuggled in vodka through their handbags and had it neat before they vitalised the upper deck by poledancing in a group (I'm sorry, but it just wouldn't have been polite to take snaps, however great the temptation). All that movement combined with the bracing evening air must have accelerated the undesirable barfing. Unfortunately, I only caught the end of the episode, having spent almost 20 mins after dinner on the outer deck, attempting to photograph the intermittent flashes of lightning at lightning speed (quite a futile endeavour with a point-and-shoot camera, I soon discovered). Nevertheless, I always enjoy water-trips and this one was no exception. My only regret was that my solitude was short-lived since other people discovered the place and it beauties too soon.

Baby Riju with K

Lower deck

On the upper deck (that's little Nemo)

Vidyasagar Setu

We participated in the Chatterjees' Rabindra jayanti celebrations last Sunday at AA block community hall in Salt lake.

Rabindra Jayanti at home

Ready to attend the function :-)

Abir's cousin Maman (her real name is Monalisa) once again impressed with her singing and dancing skills. What most shows through is her passion for self-expression and her spontaneity in the creative media."Bodo bedonar moto" came to spiritual life when she sang it.

Monalisa dancing to a Rabindra sangeet

We were forced to abbreviate the function however since FIL had planned a takeaway dinner at home that night. Titai, Abir and K collectively downed a whole bottle of Australian white wine while I played safe with a Cranberry breezer. Abir however insisted on declaring me drunk especially when I (i) could not find my slippers anywhere and (ii) insisted that the number of glasses in our current possession simply would not total 4.

The 4 wine glasses ;-)

The high point of the evening was K passing off a lime breezer as a 'cold drink' to MIL and her totally falling for it. Titai almost aroused her suspicions though by periodically calling her over to our bedroom and accounting for it by saying that she had been missing her (every 15 mins ? !). The Sanjha Chulha kebabs were so awesome that Abir insisted he'd skip dinner if only to retain their taste. Dinner was tandoori roti and mutton biriyani with zafrani chicken, shahi paneer, salad and alur dom. MIL was naturally not very pleased when the cold drink secret was let out the next day and declared that she'd never trust her children again. However, she did concede that she had been feeling very languorous and sleepy but had failed to trace that back to her beverage. So game, set, match !

Enough of updates for today. But I'll be back soon !

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how lovely!
i love reading your posts.there is an inherent warmth in them.
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