Thursday, December 03, 2009


Everyone seems to be getting hitched of late. I wouldn't mind that, except that we get invited to celebrate all the occasions.Yeah right, I know you're saying. How can one rant about dressing up and indulging one's taste buds at all ? Well, if you were in my position, you'd know. I've been attending invitations from the 21st of Nov and there are several more queued up right till mid-Dec. Of late, I seem to be seeing too colourful versions of myself in the mirror each evening and ransacking my wardrobe for the most elegant saree to wear next day. Even K (who can't be too bothered about dressing up and is usually glad to leave all clothing options to my prudent self) got worked up enough to turn out and address the stock of ethnic clothes he possessed and even perturbed enough to accompany me to buy a new kurta from Prapti (which I'm sure, Abir and he have been enriching financially for the last couple of years). My stock of sarees, I'm happy to let you know, is still good and I do have alternatives enough to confound me most of the time from making a rapid choice. The miracle of course is due to my absence in India for over a year succeeding my marriage, which means that most of the sarees that were part of my wedding trousseau or gifts from generous well-wishers at our biye/reception are still new and compliment-worthy (well, that might be a hint, I suppose !).

Not so with my jewellery which K has been scandalised to find that I'm quite content with and not at all in any hurry of replenishing or adding to. I love pearls and got several sets of them as wedding gifts and a few invitees were decent, daring and darling enough to give me cosmetic jewellery, which are very tasteful and trendy. Oh well, at least in sync with my taste. K however insisted that I had nothing to match my zardosis and dragged me along to Chique in Metropolis Mall, Hiland Park, to buy me a beautiful set of silver pendant and earrings to compensate. I'm grateful he did but not overtly exuberant. Jewellery never did figure in my list of flauntable assets. What I am increasingly enthusiastic about is footwear and my last minute purchases for my wedding featured two expensive silver and gold slip-ons from Kamal & Kamal near Gariahat More. Otherwise though, I'm sorry to say that my taste in shoes is quite conservative and the most adventurous I've been in terms of colour is buying a pair of slip-ons in plum and a couple in cream. Sneakers in all colours keep on tempting me though and I somehow fear that I shall eventually succumb and buy a pair in green or blue or even purple. Sneakers shall be my doom, methinks ;-)

As for hair, I have finally returned to layers from the much-overdone steps and can safely say that I find this easier to manage, versatile enough to address or vary the look of and yet, simple enough to handle on an everyday basis without tooking too plain-Jane (or in my case, plain clueless). Formerly, if I went to a biyebari , I never know what to do with my hair. Usually, I hated long hair because when I kept it open, I looked good but sweated like a pig. If I tie it back, I feel good but look chubby cheeked and rotund in all the photos. Now, I just keep it tied in a top-knot or blow-dry the roots before I venture out and I'm done for the day (or to be more precise, the occasion).

As for make up, I have finally learned to be on time and almost as swift as the boys by totally dispensing with the pathetic goo that is foundation. The amount of effort that went into applying and then later in the night, removing the mess, was enough to make me hot and bothered, which must, after all, have visibly impaired my cheerfulness at parties. Now I religiously follow the cleansing-toning-moisturising routine and devote a little more time to eye shadow. All that goes to highlight my face is compact and blush. The first evens out the skin tone (and I've heard, makes for better photos) while the latter contours the face, enhances my so-so cheekbones and gives my nose the merit it duly deserves ( I really can't be bothered to be modest about my nose, it's the best part of my physiognomy after all). So, spared of all the foundation and concealer nonsense, I'm on time, look presentable and feel festive. That keeps everyone happy. And saves my energy for channelising into more worthwile things like photography, observing human failings and dessert.

Turns out, I'm not too disgruntled after all. Whassay ? ;-)


Haddock said...

Getting dressed up is part of the whole fun of going to a says my wife.

Casuarina said...

@ Haddock : I'd be lying if I said I downright hate dressing up,you know. But yes, when it becomes a routine job, it comes with all the monotony the former is usually associated with :-D

(Of course, compliments always detract from the drudgery of make-up, I'm sure your wife would agree !)

little boxes said...

So much prettiness for one person is just unfair.i miss biye baris though :( and i have foundation,primarily because nothing matches my skintone.and all my hair is falling :(

Casuarina said...

@ little boxes : LOL, now if that's not a backhanded compliment, I don't know what is ;-)

Arrey, just because foundation doesn't suit me, there's no reason you can't have fun with it, na ? Especially when you look so good in it (yup, there are a couple of orkut photos that I'm referring to in particular). And what do you mean your hair is falling ?! It's the nature of hair to fall !

On a more serious note, though,you might try Arnica Plus (that vitaliser thing): it really works.

little boxes said...

no no i dont like foundation either :P
i only use something called "loose powder"

little boxes said...

i have no idea why i said, "i have foundation"...i meant,"i dont like foundation"
:D :P

Casuarina said...

@ little boxes : I think it was a typo : you meant 'hate' and wrote 'have' ;-)

Yup, I think I know what you mean, it's called translucent powder and my sister (a model) tells me I should get hold of it, it's supposed to do wonders for your appearance.Which reminds me, all the beauty columnists seem to swear by it.

Check out the following link, it contains miscellaneous responses to the "what is translucent powder" issue :

Sreetama said...

ami shob shomoy ee tor blog poreeeeeeeeeeeee. ebar theke comment o korbo, ok?
bhabchhi i need an alternative career. 9-5 chakri'r onek shubidhe, mota takar mainey being the most important of all the perks. But but but, i am so unhappy. and bored. and dying a little inside, everyday. Plus it will help me keep up with Jojo's travel pants. kichhu idea dey.


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