Friday, July 24, 2009

LUCK (2009)

I'm really looking forward to Luck (2009). Of course, it may prove to be quite a dud, after all. But it doesn't hurt to be optimistic. And then, there's Imraan Khan, who makes my heart flip with ecstasy every time I spot him. Aamir was quite the chocolate hero at this time of his own career, but Imraan is quite the package, I feel. The looks, the intensity, the voice, the understated acting, the vulnerability, the physique...well, I could go on all day. But in short, I'm really hoping 'Luck' proves lucky for him !

And then, there's debutante Shruti Haasan, Kamal Haasan's eldest daughter. Quite a headturner, if we go by her photos, having inherited her father's angular face structure and dark good looks. Looks like she's got potential, combined with her soft, vulnerable features and refined, subtle expressions (judging from the promos, of course). Well, no harm in having expectations, I suppose, being born of such illustrious parents. Also a trained music artiste, from what the net news articles claim. Her sister Akshara, looks equally if not more promising, from the several photos I've chanced upon. Vasundhara Das-ish looks with Sarika's eyes and face. Reminds me of the teenage Kareena. No idea whether she'll be walking the film road too but yes, in the photos there is a certain poise and keen-ness about her that struck me. An interesting prospect.

Mithun and Sanjay Dutt seem to be getting typecast, however. The 'bhai' or 'don' or 'villain' or 'evildoer' or 'antihero' or 'bluff big brother' or 'bitter-not-so-young-man', you are welcome to your choice of term. I mean, you might love or hate them, but then you are also comfortable in their doing those roles, simply because you know you've seen them being there, doing that. Nothing very original or promising, I suppose, but goes down well with the filmgoing crowd, who are sure to cheer or whistle at their respective entries on screen. A pity, though. They are fine actors and need to land better deals than they are getting meted out at present. I'm not too sure about Ravi Kissen though. Big Boss made me sick of his general coarseness and in-your-face body hair and I'd have preferred someone else, although anyone as a rapist could seem equally revolting, I suppose, after all. Danny is always welcome and Chitrashi Rawat sure to prove refreshing, post Chak-De.

The action scenes in the film had better live upto the hype. All those sharks, blind shots and train/helicopter jumps do sound exciting, but we're so used to rip-offs from originals that the Bollywood remakes always seem considerably bland and dilute versions, after all. And there are so many reality shows out there anyway that a film premised on that doesn't sound too promising, in any case. Of course, you never know when an underdog vindictively turns up trumps all of a sudden, but I'm not too sure that's going to happen soon.

Here are a couple of promos of the film : have a look. The second one is a novelty.

And don't forget to check out 'Khudaya Ve', it's the best song of the lot.


Sritama said...

Hey Gargs,

I liked your article!
Even I am looking forward to the movie owing to the fact that it has Imran Khan but I have a feeling it will turn out to be another 'KIDNAP'. Amir also had lot of dhishoom dhishoom potboilers in his career. Well, lets see, as you say there's no harm to be optimistic :)
And yes, Khuadaya Ve is a good song.AGREED!

Discovering M said...

somehow bollywood action sequences dissapoint me always.. guess I am so used to hollywood standards.

speaking of Luck.. I enjoyed "Luck by Chance".. I like Konkona Sen Sharma :)

havent seen much of Shruthi Hassan - I am off to google her now :P


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