Saturday, July 18, 2009


This poem was composed in a fit of inspiration last night after watching 'Antaheen' ; it voices the unspoken thoughts of Avik (Rahul Bose's character) towards the 'end' of the film. I do not like the word 'end' as it seems to blight the vision of the film that its name serves to convey so faithfully...but for lack of a more apt word, I surrender.

Please do give me your feedback, it matters.


I cry for the tears you never shed
I mourn those letters you never read
For now, alas, I am but a life unled
For you, I am emotion unsaid, unbled.

There were tunnels where I dared not read your eyes,
Remorse, that shared, would not be wise,
Silences I feared to tread on, believing lies,
Words hard and hateful, but no goodbyes.

And now, I stare into a vast unknown…
Treading tortuous, tortured lanes, all alone ;
Reliving moments love might have sown
Mourning the stranger whom I have always known.




little boxes said...

havent seen the film,but the poem is almost seems like you borrowed a part of me and mingled it with your words.

nightingale07 said...


Malini said...

really touching...wonderful use of words.. :)

Tua Mondal said...

gargi this is one of your best i admit....tears were in my eyes wen i read it...or rather aptly"felt" the last line....will use this line as a quote.....need the copyright.

K said...

Very carefully I had locked out some of my specific emotions, these words coupled with "Antaheen" opened it up!

Anonymous said...

It was ages since I read some good poetry.. reading good makes not only feel good but emote good..

Darun bhalo laglo !


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