Friday, May 01, 2009

Joie De Vivre : Journo Style

This made a wonderful read today morning.

I couldn't but help shoot off a prompt email to Sudeshna Di, telling her how much I liked it :

" Sudeshna Di,

Bhallaglo dekhe je kaajer maanush USA giyeo lekhar obhyesh maintain kore...:-)
(I'm pleasantly surprised that you've managed to remain in writing mode even after your arrival in the USA, considering how much you're engaged here in diverse activities !)

Lekha ta khub bhallaglo pore (I really enjoyed reading the article)...informative yet not monotonously factual, personal and yet with that subtle touch of the objective outsider's tone that renders it a pleasant read and most importantly, none of the cliched ecstasy that all Indians coming to USA for the first time seem to somehow effortllessly made a good breakfast accompaniment for K and me today. Glad you're having fun !

And yes, aage theke baron kore dile (if you request them in advance) they won't serve the regulation ice in your drinks...bole dekho (try it) ! :-D "

But I feel kinda low now. Reflecting on how much I should have been writing, considering the amount of tourism we've been indulging in since our arrival here. Well, maybe soon. Inspiration, I await thee !

Btw, this review has set me thinking anew about the portrayal of women in certain much lauded Bollywood films. Talk about wo(e)men !


little boxes said...

i loved the second link...and i was almost missing you on blogosphere :)

Casuarina said...

@ Little Boxes : Just check out the number and variety of films Beth has reviewed and you have many promising leisure hrs ahead, I can assure you.

And hey, thanks. It's always nice to be missed :-)

Lazybirdie said...

You know I think Beth reviews our movies with a sensibility far removed from the one in which they are made. I find her attempts at intellectually dissecting Bollywood presumptuous. I would much rather read Memsaab or even a PPCC. :)


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