Monday, April 20, 2009

Yeahhhhh !

Ok, so my favourite couple is back. Moumita and Sabya Da, of course. Yesterday evening, by Lufthansa (on which the food seems to be getting cheesier, both literally and metaphorically), via Frankfurt. Spring's certainly the harbinger of better things !

Not so in Kol, it seems. Apparently, the temperature there was 41 C yesterday, as Titai announced over the phone, sounding thoroughly disgusted. Mamoni tried to sound merry as she described their collective efforts at minimal yet decorous attire, but wasn't very convincing. With elections approaching, power cuts are likely to get more frequent and worsen the already bleak scenario. It was only 24 C here on Sat and people seemed to have gone berserk with joy. We could hear children playing outdoors till almost 9 pm and past, the neighbours were all outdoors in the skimpiest of attire : shorts, spaghettis and tanks, hosting full fledged barbecues ; we ventured out to clean the car and then take a walk, without a single sweater or jacket and me actually in a skirt ; K got a haircut and we kept on downing bottles of water. We actually had to switch on the AC on Sat night. Wonder what on earth we're going to do back home. Well, at least we'd be returning to summer from summer, so there won't be as drastic a change as it could have been at any other point of time during the year.

Abir's film, Cross-Connection is ready for a May release and the crowds at South City Mall are getting worse. Moumita was astounded by the spectacle of a queue that stretched right till Jadavpur Thana ! That reminds me, I again forgot to congratulate Mamoni for winning a prize at the Spencer's Hypermart quiz, organized by Sananda Club. Mani Square seems to be getting its fair share of attention too, what with irs first IMAX and the inaugural Rs 177 worth food buffet at Haka. However, people are as ill behaved as ever, disowning all etiquette when it comes to getting their money's worth of meat. Well.

K got his narus (he calls them 'diabetes inducing agents') and I got my medicines (he calls them 'diabetes reducing agents') and my hair serum 'Silk-n-Shine' from back home. So we're both happy people right now.


little boxes said...

this sure is a small of my closest friends is coring the music for Cross Connection.
i think the Governments of both India and USA should take an initiative and device a summer exchange program...that way the Americans will know what summer really is and the Indians will know what people consider to be summer

Casuarina said...

@ little boxes :

Yup, I think I did notice Neel earlier on your blogroll, hopped on to his blog, and even commented on a poem of his...while Abir, one of the Cross Connection actors, happens to my own and only sister-in-law's (the aforementioned Titai's) husband it's a small world indeed !


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