Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snowfall @ Brookside

There's been incessant snowfall throughout New Jersey and quite heavily at Somerville throughout the last weekend......naturally, the cold's been benumbing since...we had fun cleaning the flaky and soft snow off our car on Saturday noon , before we could drive to our nearest grocery, dressed to immobility in our thickest coats, caps and socks...I was scolded by K for using my gloves and hands instead of the shovel-brush to scatter the snow...I always love watching the snow while it falls, especially if K is at home, when I can share it with him but on Saturday night, it looked particularly fairytale like after the snow had stopped for an hour or so...if I hadn't already known where we were, I could quite have tricked myself into believing we were living by a beach !
Here's a few photos :




A real spectacle, isn't it ?

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