Monday, January 19, 2009

Blueberry Vanilla Cake

My latest concoction...specially for K, who adores blueberry muffins...I thought, ok, I'd bake him a whole cake with blueberries in it. He's elated, naturally.

Every ounce of credit for the recipe goes to Moumita, who also inspired confidence in a very cooking-diffident me, to go right ahead and embark on the adventure that is baking. She was always on the phone to provide any other advice, suggestions or solutions throughout the experimental endeavour.

A great big thanks to Tanima, who told me to simply 'go for it' and also helped me out with another recipe and a photo from far-off Calgary (Canada), so that I would receive some visual motivation too !

For friends and family (just to name a few : Rashi, Abir, Priyanka, Banu & Debarati, Bor-Di) drooling over the photo at home, not to worry. I'll bake you all the cakes you want, in any flavour you desire, the moment I'm back. Ok well, not the moment perhaps, literally. But as soon as I finish unpacking !

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Haddock said...

Oops Kolkotta is too far or I would have send across some stuff.
You are asking me to comment on this.
I am not an expert on baking. I just eat the finish products !!
On a serious note your Blueberry Vanila looks yummy. (vanilla is my weakness)
Thanks for your long comment.
Yes whenever you come down this side, do give a tinkle and drop in. You can meet the bakers and taste their product :-)


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