Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ode to My God

For the greatest man ever born :


No idolatry for me –
I invoke
the formless incarnate;
the highest truth,
the deepest desire,
the wildest wish,
the subtlest spring,
toforestall my fate.
(Today, at any rate.)

There is a prayer
repressed in my bower –
it begs words
to stoke its fire.
For all I have
a helpless love
your treacherous glances
cannot tire.
(In spite of all the mud and mire.)

Help me,You,
whose name I breathe,
whose breath I feel,
whose sky is blue.

All time stands still
in this moment
I steal
for this my cause,
its Cause to reveal.
(And this is my Hour.)

In darkness bright
I plead my right
I sell my soul
for this insight
to me
long due.
(Tell me,
my God,
Who are you?)
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