Monday, August 04, 2008

Sandy Hook Beach...

After much planning (and procrastination !), Tridib Da, Saswati, Parmeet, K and I finally ended up at Sandy Hook beach at 6 pm on Sunday, 3rd August 2008 (which incidentally marks the first month anniversary of our arrival in USA too). We had a merry time, laughing and teasing each other, getting drenched till the knees (and above !), walking barefoot on the sand, perching on the rocks and revelling in the feel of the spray on our faces, sunshine on our exposed hands and feet, the eerie call of seagulls and the deep and delicious cobalt blue of the sea...a heady sense of synaesthesia had us in its thrall !

The following is the video that records some of the magic and the madness of it all... (if you are sufficiently interested and would like to know more about Sandy Hook Beach, please visit

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