Tuesday, July 08, 2008

First days...

Ekhane amra Holiday Inn Express e uthechhi,K er client co. Johnson and Johnson er shathe eder akta tie-up achhe, tai they are offering a concession on the daily tariff. We reached Frankfurt early, i.e half an hr before the scheduled time of arrival. But our flight to Newark,NJ,was delayed due to technical glitches in the aeroplane that we were supposed to board...so we arrived a good 3 hours late in USA...immigration check,baggage claim and customs clearance didn't take up much time...luggage is intact...the limo-driver who was supposed to come and receive us at the airport was good enough to wait for the entire period of time.We reached the hotel around 9 pm.There's a MacDonalds just across the road...K bought burgers and french fries for dinner...we went to sleep almost immediately and woke up around 9.15 am here.Went down immediately without even brushing as the breakfast is 1) complimentary 2) over by 10 am.There were plenty of options...cereals of 4 types,brown and white bread, cinnamon rolls, cakes of several types, fruits of 5 varieties (melons,grapes,papaya,banana),baked egg cakes, fried bacon, 3 types of juices (cranberry,orange,apple), mashed sausage,t oast with a choice of grape jam/strawberry jam/peanut butter and yogurt, available in a variety of flavours like cherry,banana and strawberry, peach, blueberry etc. It seems easy to lose weight here as the dietary value of each food is mentioned on the container. After breakfast, we retired to our room,where the housekeeping staff, we found, had already finished the cleaning and supplied us with fresh bed linen and towels.We then each took a bath successively and watched TV.There were some weird reality shows being aired.We lunched on maggi soup,toast biscuits and yogurt, while watching Andaz Apna Apna, the CD of which we had brought along with us. We had a long nap and woke up around 6.30 pm.It was drizzling.We took our umbrellas and went out for evening snacks and to buy phone cards. Bad luck. After chicken sandwiches at MacD, we located the Towne Plaza, where the phn cards were sold...but due to its being 4th July, the shop had closed early.we bought some Chinese style chicken chowmin for dinner and returned to the hotel. There were some magnificient fireworks visible from both opposite the Towne Plaza and also from the Hotel driveway, the latter being just opposite the Branchburg park, where it's hard to get parking space ,the place is so crowded with spectators on that particular evening. After sitting on benches in front of the hotel for some time, we returned to our rooms, had dinner (though I must say, I didn't think much of the chowmin and prefer Indian-style Chinese which looks and tastes much more appetising) with the regulation fortune cookies and went to sleep about midnight.
This morning, we woke up quite early, finished brushing etc and went for breakfast. Today,there were variations in the breakfast menu. There were scrambled eggs, pancakes with syrup, potato pies etc. Now I'm at the laptop, while K had gone to buy calling cards. He's just returned and is trying to call home. Shall get back later with more details.

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