Thursday, December 06, 2007

For all those who still believe in love...


I do wish I too had a home
To return to at each sunset
To temper all my travails
To wipe my tears away
To bury my fears forever
To love me into a fever
For I know not where to seek shelter
Now that I’m caught dead in this storm.

My heart is broken, comrades,
For I have nowhere to go
Too aged for school classrooms
Too proud to pester parents
Too careworn for college corners
And too wretched to face myself,
Bravely confess to unrequited love.

I must have dreamed of heaven
Someone I could call my own
But night has already set in
And realization begun to dawn
You were just a stranger I’d trusted too much
Who had kidnapped my secrets and gone.

Come join me on my journey tonight,
All you who know no rest;
Maybe we can forge a vision
Even if we have failed life’s test…
At least we shall find our mission,
Some day we too shall be blessed.


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