Thursday, August 09, 2007

Renunciation on my mind...


These tiresome ties
Tenuous and tedious
Sometimes seem lies
I have conjured up
On some terrible day
When my own self-worth
I must needs despise
And clutch, cling
A more solid soul
To cure my heartache
Render me whole.

Today, though,
They stifle, they stilt,
They will me to wilt…
A figment of their creation
A fragment of their imagination
I have connived and built.
I sink into the silt.
Perhaps perceiving this despair,
They hope it is too late to quit.

One dawn, all alone,
I shall burn these to ashes
Dare to disgorge all these words
Disown all these deeds
The harvest of worthless weeds
I have, in childhood, insensibly sown,
That bind me to duty,
To desire, to devotion…

Yes, I shall come into my own,
My life no longer a loan.


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