Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Absentia :-D

I asked this particular student why he hadn't brought a letter to excuse his absence yesterday.He wouldn't reply and looked curiously awkward when I demanded that he at least give some sort of a verbal explanation.

He kept on eyeing the floor, standing in the last row.

 Finally, I asked him to come up to my desk and tell me what the matter was.

After much prodding and poking, he finally submitted that his mother had forgotten to wake him up yesterday, in time for school.

Now, that was new. I stared, speechless, for a few seconds. Then, recovering my composure, I asked him whether he had heard of something called an 'alarm-clock' ? He stubbornly maintained that his mother woke him up everyday.

I stifled my laughter and asked him what the usual 'call-time' was.

6 am, he replied promptly.

"And at what time did you finally wake up yesterday ?"

"10 am", he replied reluctantly.

There was a collective gasp from all the students of my class.

I gave up the cause and had to concede that there was some originality in his story :-)))) 


Kaustav said...

ha ha ha !! welcome to the world of children and how their mind work....

madhuchhanda ray choudhury said...

"Mom" is the word in a child's life isn't it??? Delightful little anecdote! :D

Discovering M said...

hi casuarina,

I have not visited your blog for ages - was away from the blog scene for a while.

So you teach now? That was an interesting excuse.. kids are so innocent. :)


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