Monday, March 08, 2010

Women's Night Out ?!

I just read this article. The link was provided by my JU classmate Romila on Facebook. Read it for yourself, blogolleagues. I'd be interested in what you guys have to say about this.

Btw, this was my friend's reaction, in case you are interested :

"small moan" from yourself indeed ! let her also register her objection with a small blow with the nearest hairbrush...


Haddock said...

That was neat and simple (I wonder of today's nari will agree to all that)
But that accompanying photograph? It looks more like early fifties.

Discovering M said...

sounds like what an escort service would provide :-P.. was it really that way in the 60ies ?

how are you doing ? at swades or pardes ?

Casuarina said...

@ Haddock : If I know you a little by now, then that 'neat and simple' isn't as straightforward as it sounds !

And of course, today's 'nari' would NOT agree with any bit of the content of the article.

@ Discovering M : I've no idea whether things were really that bad for women in the 60s,what I do know that every bit of it sounds, to put it in short, outrageous.

And as for location, am very much in swades, thank u ;-)

I read your recent post but in a hurry. I wanted to comment on it at leisure because I do have a lot to say. Beginning of course with a big Congrats ! :-)


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