Friday, October 31, 2008

Dhoom 3 spells Doom. Almost.

We were watching ' Papa Kehte Hei' on YouTube last night. Correction. I was watching. K was tryng hard to resist the seduction of an early retirement to the comfort of bed, fearing that he might trigger off my classic all-you-care-about-is-office monologues which start as a random comment and then go on like forever. Well, while I was searching for the elusive next part of the numerous episodic format YouTube forces you to plod through, I chanced upon a video claiming to be the 'Dhoom 3 : official trailer' . Intrigued, I ventured into it. It was a big drag. Scenes from 'Dhoom' (2004) and 'Dhoom 2'(2006), interspersed with shots from 'Don': The Chase Begins '(2006). Disgusted but not frustrated, I searched for 'Dhoom 3 ' in Google (where else?!) and was simultaneously amused and annoyed to find a whole bunch of irrelevant results...this, however, was the most intriguing video I came across among all of them :

Without being very explicit, it strongly hints that SRK and Aamir Khan will be pitted opposite each other. Surprisingly, there is no media report to back up this audacious hypothesis.
But this was nothing compared to the following, which sent me into a speechless stupor at the thought of the things people will waste time on, particularly when they must know they are contemplating near-impossibilities ! Have a look for yourself, if you are suficiently hooked by the description of my extreme responses to all this :

On a totally different note, I recommend all you Bollywood addicts to have a look at the 'Hello'(2008) website. For those of you who are not book-savvy enough in these days of netomania, let me inform you that it's based on Chetan Bhagat's bestseller novel, One Night at The Call Center (2005). The film itself wasn't too bad actually, thanks to Chetan having worked on the screenplay himself, with Atul Agnihotri of 'Sir' fame having just been content with overlooking the whole process and having no issues on the lines of ego-tussles, sharing credits and such routine affairs. Chetan produced some very interesting posts on the making of the film and audience responses to it on his blog, but unfortunately he seems to have recently retired to ruminate on his forthcoming novel, as of date just an idea. But the website of the film had a fresh look to it and wouldn't be not worth wasting a few minutes on. Incidentally, the songs were mostly irrelevant and Salman managed to sabotage even the cameo he had proudly been presented with by the gullible author-director duo. Watch the last scene of the film to find out just what I mean.
P.S. I found a video capture of 'Hello: On Location'.

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