Monday, June 18, 2007

Writing therapy

When I am happy, I read. When I'm unhappy, I write. That's my own form of catharsis, you see. I call it writing therapy.

Perplexed? It's simple really. When I'm happy, I'm sorted out. And I can make sense of 40 pages of hardcore non-fiction in an hour. So I prefer to read, to make sense of what others have written post experience. But when I'm down, I become complex, incoherent, diffuse. And I suffer. So I need a cure. In my case, I am kinda weird. And so, you see, my form of convalescence is different from the normal people around me. I write when I'm troubled, tortured, tentative about myself, about life. And writing purges me. A variation of Aristotelian catharsis, you might say.

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